Specialised Space Systems Test and Microgravity Services

Welcome to the Tribe

Beings Systems as a organisation arose from the question ‘what will humans be and look like once we have left this galaxy?’ What will we look like? What language will we speak, bytes? Will we even be humans? or just beings? (Hence the name)

The Beings Systems tribe are the people who are going to answer the question of What could we become? The tribe is not universities, government or any aligned organisation. It is not for collecting information or email addresses, it is a group of people. Some may not have access to capital, assets or networks, but they have access to ideas and a path to realising them. That is why the Beings Systems tribe exists.

A group of motivated & bright individuals, if given the chance (and access to a parabolic aircraft), can do incredible things that will fill in the gaps of what could and should we become. The team at Beings is committed to making that happen and all are welcome. There is no requirements but your commitment to changing the world into what it could be with our capability and working with others to do it.

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