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Australia is a leading player when it comes to research heavy lifting. We know there are barriers to accessing and using aerospace tools in a way that provides certainty around what you’re looking to achieve. So we’re making it easier! Starting with Gravity!

Whether it be satisfying all the requirements you need to get flying, finding the platforms and capabilities you need, or applying for funding from the ARC, we’ve crafted these documents to help.

Mars Gravity Beings Systems
Beings Systems Neptune

Aerospace Capabilities

We’re providing affordable, fast tracked and understandable access to the capabilities and environments needed to make the most impact in the aerospace industry.

We provide simple and understandable access and use of the capabilities of aerospace.

We increase the quality and success of aerospace research and testing through proven aerospace testing methods.

We save you time and money/funding through streamlined planning and proven test rigs/kits and configurations.


  • Technology Readiness Level (TRL) Advancement
  • Sensor and Equipment Exposure and Testing. (See environments)
  • Aerospace Human Life Science Facilitation
  • Materials Research and Testing
  • Other Planet Reasearch and Testing
  • Aerial Survey
  • Equipment Proving and Fielding
  • Re-entry and High Altitude Drop Testing


  • Microgravity Environment Flights (0G, Lunar, Martian)
  • High Altitude Environment Flights (up 40,000 ft)
  • Low Temperature Environment Flights (Up to -50C)
  • Low Pressure Environment Flights (187.54mbar, 2.7PSI)
  • High G Environment Flights (Up to 9G)