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of Beings Systems Microgravity Flights

Parabolic aircraft or zero-gravity aircraft are flights that recreate the gravities of space. These aircraft repeatedly fly up and down at 45º, like a rollercoaster, creating the feeling of weightlessness. They can approximate microgravity (0.0G), planetary gravity – Lunar (0.17G) / Mars (0.38G), and hyper-gravity (1.0G+).

These aircraft are useful for many different types of short-duration research and investigations into technology development. This includes physical, biological and chemical phenomena that are usually masked or modified by Earth’s gravity and innovations into space technologies needed for success in space today and tomorrow.


Parabolic Aircraft

Our team has rare expertise in the design, implementation and evaluation of aerospace flight testing. With that advantage, we are tapping into thousands of smaller aerobatic aircraft turning them into accurate, reliable and readily accessible flight platforms. This increases the flights available to investigators by 100x every year.

We have completely re-imagined access to the testing infrastructure for the global space industry. Now, rather than having to wait years, or spend significant funding, investigators can do more experimentation, faster and more often.

If there is an aerobatic aircraft near you, we can turn it into a parabolic testing platform for you. We’re currently rolling out in Australia and we plan to expand internationally. If you wish to fly with us, get in touch and we can identify the aircraft we have near you.

Current locations include:

– Sydney & Newcastle

– Melbourne & Essendon

– Brisbane & Sunshine Coast


We’re ready to service Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Hobart, Auckland, Jakarta, Seoul and Tokyo.


Beings Systems Microgravity
Mars Gravity Beings Systems

Ithe human race is to prosper into the future. We need to do a better job of accelerating success in space. To excel in space we need to give research and commercial industries more affordable access to the right testing infrastructure.

It is not viable to send every small experiment to the international space station or onto a large and expensive parabolic aircraft. There are thousands of experiments, educational opportunities and important breakthroughs that will only happen with the accessibility and affordability of our services. 


Space is unforgiving. Space doesn’t tolerate failure. Testing is essential. We make this testing available to all the innovators, big and small, no matter where they are.

Our team has rare expertise from decades of experience in research, testing and evaluation for the Royal Australian Air Force and ESA.

Gail iles Microgravity & Parabolic Flights

Dr Gail Iles PhD

As a former astronaut instructor for the ESA, Gail has trained crew for several International Space Station mission and is the most experienced parabolic flight expert in Australia; with over 500 parabolas to her name.

Kieran Beings Systems

Kieran Blair

Kieran is a fighter pilot and flying instructor in the Royal Australian Air Force. Kieran holds an MBus and a BTech in Aviation and has multiple years of experience in aerospace research and testing in live and virtual environments.

Andrew Kerle Microgravity & Parabolic Flights

Andrew Kerle

Andrew is an Air Force test pilot with 15+ years of experimental testing and evaluation. Andrew holds a BSc(Maths/Physics) and MSc in Flight Test Engineering including qualifications from the Royal Australian Air Force, the Royal Air Force and the United States Air Force.

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