Specialised Space Systems Test and Microgravity Services

What & When

In 2023 Beings Systems begins Australasia’s first ‘business jet sized’ parabolic aircraft operations. A brand new capability which will act as a catalyst for a new scope of high impact space research and development. But without you, the ideas and realisation of this capability’s potential will not be reached.

In order to capitalise on this opportunity, we want to:

  • Partner with organisations and researcher to help obtain funding for relevant microgravity, Martian Gravity and Lunar Gravity studies or projects, by:
  • Targeting gravity envinroment projects aligned with Space Industry grant intents, and
  • Rapidly realising the impacts of these projects in the commercial market and/or impact of studies to the body of space knowledge.

Much like NASA’s Flight Opportunities Program, we intend to generate the capacity for Australians to conduct leading edge space research and projects using our capability, paving the way for a new era of space related projects and activities. We are calling for proposals for both mature/ larger projects that can capitalise on our new aircraft as well as newer developmental projects that can progress toward the aircraft.

Intake A 2023

Complete EOI before 01 Dec

Selection Completed before 10th December 2022

Who is Eligible

There are multiple types of eligible projects and/or investigators. We want you to be the first to fly on our unique parabolic capability, however, we only have limited initial spots on our business jet sized aircraft. We are expecting for our first Free Flight intake to field 2-3 Projects.


In order to create a wider scope of potential projects,  we’re seeking proposals for the first flight projects on our business jet aircraft (Gravity Free Flight) and for lead in projects at an earlier stage of development (with less budget) that would benefit from being validated on our smaller parabolic aircraft (Gravity First Flight) and can then move onto the larger aircraft.  

Pioneering enterprises require the targeting of high impact areas. These are areas with  promising growth, near-term utility (0-10 years) or research in current and future critical information gaps. These project are likely to be in the following areas of investigation, technology development and exploration:

  • Manufacturing Technologies and Research 

(E.g. Biological, Electronics, Materials)

  • Humans in Space and Space Medicine
    (E.g. Healthcare, Monitoring & Sensors, SynBio, Medical Tech)
  • Pharmaceuticals and Physical Sciences
    (E.g. Development & Production, Crystallisation)
  • Food and Biomedical Applications Extra-Terrestrially 

(E.g. Biology, SynBio, Production, Farming)

  • Data Collection & Processing
    (Of all the above)
  • Technology Transfer
    (E.g. Investigating the utility of earth products in space applications)

Gravity Flights and Aircraft

Free Flight

Gravity Free Flight is targeting large projects for investigation or development seeking grant amounts in the range of $350K+ 

Free Flight projects will be flown aboard our parabolic business jet and have a wider scope of size, number of investigators aboard.

First Flight

Gravity First Flight is targeting project earlier in development that will move onto Free Flight. We expect these to be seeking grant amounts in the range of $50K – $150K 

First Flight projects will be flown aboard our parabolic small jet and need to be self contained and will be smaller than free flight.

Preferable Criteria

Free Flight eligible projects will need to fit the following criteria:

  • Personnel with knowledge/experience/skills/capabilities in the relevant field.
  • Lead investigator willing to commit to developing project scoping phase before grant
  • Lead investigator willing to sign basic agreement or letter of intent toward development.
  • Viable future pathway to utility

First Flight eligible projects will likely fit the following criteria:

  • Proof of concept projects
  • Pilot Projects for larger investigations
  • STEM or collective student projects
  • Lead investigator willing to sign basic agreement toward development.

As we’re developing the aircraft capability in line with your project we intent to partner with those who can also provide us a firm commitment to flights. This is why we have instituted a requirements for the basic agreement toward development.

Resources & Contact

Beings Systems Documents and Presentations

Below you will find more information, resources and content that will help answer any questions you may have. Please get in contact with the team at gravity@beingssystems.com if you need anymore information.

Get in touch with us early in the technology development cycle to:

  • Talk with us about technologies in development
  • Identify the earliest opportunities to fly prototypes and preliminary hardware
  • Discuss the best available flight platforms/profiles to help de-risk key components of hardware or software.

Beings Systems Documents
Beings Systems Free Flight Infographic

Free Flight Technology Examples

The NASA Flight Opportunities program facilitates rapid demonstration of promising technologies for space exploration, discovery, and the expansion of space commerce through suborbital testing with industry flight providers.

Australia Space Agency Potential Funding Sources

The Space Agency provide grants for projects to support Australian businesses and research organisations to become involved with international space agencies or established programs.

Each program supports the Australian Civil Space Strategy.