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There are many. These are the one's to help get you started.

How Many Seconds?

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Seconds @ <1.0G

 As many as you need! There is no restriction on number of second. However, we limit this to 300 seconds per flight for human reasons 🤢.

That’s around 20 parabolas.

How Big?

0 L+

In a Variety of Configurations

 We carry fit the majority of small and medium sized experiments onboard, including liquids, chemicals and a range of different temperatures. 50cm x 50cm x 30cm is a good place to start and we can do more.

How Much?

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The Price of Competitors

There are many options, and we need to understand your experiment to give you an accurate price! It is going to be less than anywhere else in the world though! and that your deposit is refundable.