The Free-Flight Gravity Program

High Potential People Transferring High Potential Technologies
to Space

We've Got a Problem

Example: Dust on the Moon

When astronauts were entering and exiting the lunar module during the moon landings, dust got everywhere – it clogged mechanisms, interfered with instruments, caused radiators to overheat and tore up their spacesuits. So how do you make sure this doesn’t happen when man reaches the moon in 2024? You recreate the moon environment.


Problems like this seem simple to fix, but it’s hard to fix a car without a wrench. The real problem is that the capabilities needed fix the problem are inaccessible. So rather than let NASA be the bottleneck, we’ve devised a way to put the collective brain of the planet to work.

Rapid Technology Transfer

I'm a Technology Owner

Flagship Space Projects

Our Free-Flight program looks for high potential technologies that can be realistically transferred into a space supply chain. We then stand up flagship space projects and  use our expertise work with owners to demonstrate those technologies in space environments, setting the stage for the realisation of new markets and rapid technology transfer.

I'm an Engineer/Developer

Leading Edge Teams

We select and match high potential engineering talent with high potential technologies. These amazing people work with us to develop the means, processes and experience needed to realise the extraordinary goals set for the transfer projects. The result is the development of the work force needed to fill the future supply chains.

A Growing Powerhouse of Experts

... and we're just getting started

A global alliance of 40+ space pioneers each investing our time, money and connections to level up new space.

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Highly cost-effective and expert development T&E systems and processes. Developing mature designs early.

Fly-Fix-Fly Solutions

Iterative Loops - Fast-Tracked Solutions
For Gravity Problems

Beings Systems has tailored the means and created a unique and highly cost effective platform to test space systems in different gravities. The Free-Flight Program aims to begin development of 100x more solutions and systems using the increased availability and reduced costs of our parabolic flight environments and scalable processes. 

We are focusing on the most ambitious opportunities from multiple areas of industry.


How it Works

Product Development Focus

Tech and Talent

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High Potential Projects

We  exclusively look for technology owners who might benefit from a greater market opportunity. We then select from the best and brightest engineering talents to develop create proper prototypes and flagship projects in the Australian Space industry.

Development Help

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T&E Assistance Stages

Where to start? Projects will be introduced to our highly effective verification and validation methods that give projects the ability to develop mature designs early in the process. Teams will then create their prototypes and prepare for flight.

Free Flight

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In Non-Earth Gravity

On the day of each flight, flagship teams will assemble to run through the verification and/or validation flights to demonstrate the potentiality of prototype designs. This is the first step of supply chain entry and continued development within the space industry.

Next Steps

Outcomes and Continued Development

The primary outcome of projects is to create an actual prototype or output that can rapidly demonstrate the use of a high potential space technology in realistic space environments. The secondary outcomes include: minimising barriers to involvement, developing collaborations and creating maturity within the local industry.


Flagship projects will be sourced from select sources and organisations. They might be current technologies transferred to space or can be new ideas able to be build. Collaborations are highly sought after to increase knowledge transfers between individuals and organisations. 


At the end of the project period, a milestone review will be held and prototypes will be flown onboard the Beings Systems Zero-Gravity aircraft setting the stage for supply chain entry.


Program Team

Kieran Blair – Program Manager 

Andrew Kerle – Systems Pilot

[email protected]