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The Only Parabolic Flight and Microgravity Testing Organisation in the Southern Hemisphere

Our Vision Beings Systems

That the people of Australia and the Australasian region become a source of admiration, accomplishment and growth within the global Aerospace industry.

Dusk. The stars on the horizon are becoming visible and the moon, covered of craters, is rising. 

Lying on your back, peaceful in the cool night air, you feel yourself lift. You begin to float and are taken into the darkness. For a second you feel light, but then you look back, eyes wide at the brightness and incomprehensible vastness of everything that surrounds our planet, and suddenly it dawns on you; the weight of our world.


No other being that we know of, can stare into a sky full of stars and be struck not only with crippling awe, but also with a tingling excitement. 

Born of Air Force test piloting and ESA roots, Beings is a path. It is a collective of humans who ask ‘What will we do once we’ve explored our galaxy?’, and we have made it our responsibility to accelerate that discovery; and these are our Systems. 


Expertise from over five decades of combined experience in research, testing and evaluation for the Air Force and ESA.

Kieran Beings Systems

Kieran Blair

Kieran is a fighter pilot and flying instructor in the Royal Australian Air Force. Kieran holds an MBus and a BTech in Aviation and has multiple years of experience in aerospace research and testing in live and virtual environments.

Gail iles Microgravity & Parabolic Flights

Dr Gail Iles PhD

As a former astronaut instructor for the ESA, Gail has trained crew for several International Space Station mission and is the most experienced parabolic flight expert in Australia; with over 500 parabolas to her name.

Andrew Kerle Microgravity & Parabolic Flights

Andrew Kerle

Andrew is an Air Force test pilot with 15+ years of operational testing and evaluation. Andrew’s background includes qualifications from the Royal Australian Air Force, the Royal Air Force and the United States Air Force.

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