Microgravity and Parabolic Flight

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When it comes to research impacts, Australian’s are some of the heaviest lifters  on the planet, and we want to make sure that keeps happening. For our part, Beings is providing access to the only parabolic microgravity capability platform in the Southern hemisphere.



We believe that Australia has some of the most diligent, capable, and intelligent researchers in the world, and we are making it our responsibility to help accelerate the impacts of their research and to drive them onto the global stage.

Getting Airborne Faster

Everything You Need to Plan-to-Fly in 3 Weeks

We don’t want anything stopping you moving your knowledge forward. So we’ve designed and created tools, templates, and even testing rigs that you can use to accelerate your experimentation and that will provide more certainty around your research outcomes in difficult aerospace environments.

01. Plan

Straight Forward Planning Resources

Start with our specially designed research documentation, grant guidelines and flight details. Then find all of the resources you need to begin to plan your program and flights. Don’t forget  your investigation theme and mascot! Research isn’t always supposed to be serious!

02. Design

Designs for Quality Testing

Our flexible and tailor made mission planning processes will help satisfy you flight requirements fast. Use our specially made test rigs to speed up the process of experimental design and construction. Get in touch anytime so we can help make sure your research is as successful as it can be.

03. Fly

Get Floating and Flying ASAP!

Arrive at the airfield and use our dedicated storage and handling facilities. Load up with your experiment and crew chief then let the magic happen. Use the in-depth data package after the flight to verify and then share your story and results with us so we can share it with the world.


The Beings Systems team is a member of, works closely with, and offers support to multiple professional organisations share our passion in furthering the capabilities of the Australia Space industry and of human-kind.


And we’re always on the look out for more who share that same passion.

When you've hit the bottom the only way to go is up.

So fly; this is not the end. ❤️ 👩‍🚀