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Space Research

Beings is Australia’s microgravity and parabolic flight provider. We supply all the parabolic microgravity tools that allow frontier researchers to access space and discover the breakthroughs that will push our civilisation further into the Galaxy.

Research fields including Space Medicine for prolonged human spaceflight and exploration, Physical Sciences discovering how the universe works, and Technology creating the future tools of space exploration…and many more

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Microgravity and Parabolic Flight
Microgravity and Parabolic Flight

Mission Assurance and TRL Acceleration

In conjunction with our partners, we provide a suite of space access services and testing solutions used to increase the success rate of spaceflight missions, including parabolic microgravity, and space environments for payload certification and flight heritage.

We’re using innovative new methods of ‘spaceworthiness’ to help new and existing space businesses easily and cheaply test and qualify their space infrastructure before it’s placed on a rocket destined for orbit.

Our services drastically reduce the risk of mission failure in the new market of accessible space missions for everyone from startups and universities to large enterprise and government space programs.

The Team

Expertise from over five decades of combined experience in research, testing and evaluation for the Air Force and ESA.

Kieran Beings Systems

Kieran Blair

Kieran is a fighter pilot and flying instructor in the Royal Australian Air Force. Kieran holds an MBus and a BTech in Aviation and has multiple years of experience in aerospace research and testing in live and virtual environments.

Gail iles Microgravity & Parabolic Flights

Dr Gail Iles

As a former astronaut instructor for the ESA, Gail has trained crew for several International Space Station mission and is the most experienced experts of parabolic flight in Australia; with over 500 parabolas to her name.

Andrew Kerle Microgravity & Parabolic Flights

Andrew Kerle

Andrew is an Air Force test pilot with 15+ years of operational testing and evaluation. Andrew’s background includes qualifications from the Royal Australian Air Force, the Royal Air Force and the United States Air Force.

Steve Microgravity & Parabolic Flights

Steven Meacham MBA

Steve is a former Air Force pilot and instructor. He has thousands of hours operating domestically and internationally in both tactical and strategic environments. Steve holds an MBA and a Bachelor of Technology in Aeronautical engineering.

brendan buell Beings Systems

Brendan Buell

Brendan is an Air Force Flight Test Engineer with 10+ years of engineering and flight test experience. He has conducted experimental, developmental and certification flight tests of military aircraft, systems, and equipment. Including joint flight test campaigns with the United States Air Force and United States Navy

Partners & Collaborators

The Beings Systems team is a member of, works closely with, and offers support to multiple professional organisations to further the capabilities of the Australia Space industry and of human-kind

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Microgravity and Parabolic Flight