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…because getting to space is already risky enough

Beings Systems is becoming one of the biggest forces driving a new generation of new space R&D. They’re putting the power of NASAs systems engineering processes into the hands of emerging teams and reducing the cost of microgravity research services by 10x. They used to say that “space is hard”, but Beings are going to make that term history.
Troy McCann
Designer & CEO of Moonshot Space Co

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The only parabolic microgravity in the Southern hemisphere…

Human & Spaceflight Testing

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Our Services

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Learn about our COO’s time as the Chief of Test 

for the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF)

Andrew Kerle

Chief Operations Officer

Andrew is an Air Force test pilot with 15+ years of operational testing and evaluation. Andrew’s background includes qualifications from the Royal Australian Air Force, the Royal Air Force and the United States Air Force.

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We the few...

Beings Systems has a well-rounded history in test and evaluation, verification and validation and the management of complex aerospace systems. Our experience is founded in engineering, test, and project management activities with leading Air Forces and space agencies around the world.

Our iterative and collaborative approach to the fly-fix-fly test philosophy is designed to enable customer technology development in a low-cost and responsive environment; developing confidence in design maturity and enabling a pathway to assure mission success.


The objectives of our T&E programs are to provide a mechanism for customers to develop maturity in developmental payload and technologies prior to significant financial investment of space launch.

To do this we will individually tailor program to demonstrate payload compliance with applicable space worthiness codes, launch operator sub-system requirements, and industry best practice.

Kieran Beings Systems

Kieran Blair

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Kerle

Chief Operations Officer

Mat Biggs

Chief Technology Officer

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