The World's Most Accessible MicroGravity Flight Testing

Affordable and Accurate Parabolic Testing Flights

Affordable R&D and Developmental Testing

Get more from your funding and fast forward your opportunities
with readily available, affordable and closer to home microgravity flights.

Beings Systems Microgravity

Test Years Earlier & More Often

We have reliable aircraft available in multiple locations. There is no waiting line or selection process stopping you from starting to plan and get testing. 

Beings Systems Microgravity
Achieve Better Outcomes

Create certainty around your outcomes with flexible flight profiles, flight schedules, number of parabolas, payload contents and time between flights

Beings Systems Microgravity

FLy-Fix-Fly and Collaborate

The scope for PhD’s, partners and funding is greater than ever across our networks of aircraft, investigators, NGO’s and government organisations

Join the Push to Space

Start small or go large, it's now available earlier. Join our collaborators and capitalise on the new opportunity

No Waiting, No Selections

3 Weeks from Qualification to Flight Test.
Simply step through our tailor made at home qualification process.

Step 1


Select your location, aircraft, mission type, testing rig and flight date to aid your planning and design.

Step 2


Prepare using our tailor made qualification process and testing rigs. Things like the size, weight and safety requirements for your flight.

Step 3


Once you're prepared you can test and qualify in house. Then just send us the results to ensure you're safe to fly.

Step 4


Once you're qualified and your flight date is confirmed, you can track direct to your local airport and make history!

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